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WOW, the Headaches have FINALLY stopped!!!

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I made a drastic change on July the first. Going from about 6 (1mg) xanaxes a day to now....2, 1mg a day and also a Klonopin, 2mg at night. I am suppose to half that Klonopin at night starting tomorrow.


The headaches are finally gone! I still have Anxiety but so much more energy and LIFE. I feel more motivated. I know I can beat this. Hey, it might have something also to do with my doctor switching me on Prestiq that day as well. I feel happier, hyper, and no hangover. I'm actually not crying at the drop of a hat now.


I know when I go back to my doctor in 2 weeks he will want to further decrease my Xanax until I have none. Can't I just savor this moment? I don't want anything to change. I feel on top!!!! YAY  :yippee:

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