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short term opioid setback?

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I was on roxycodone for 2 days for a medical condition. Since then, my doses of xanax are not doing anything. This is day 4, and each day since I stopped the opioid, it's been getting worse. I am stunned this morning at how ineffective dose 1 is. Can the opiods cause a setback this severe?

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I doubt oxy has set you back in regards to recovering from benzo use as it primarily affects the mu opiod receptors. As for why Xanax doesn't work as well I do not know.  Both can cause relaxation via different receptors but Oxy gives a much stronger feeling physically, so Xanax may just seem less potent by comparison.

Two days use shouldn't be enough for withdrawal unless you were in the hospital using a pump for 48 hours. 

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