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Hello, how are you? In 5 days I will be 38 months without benzodiazepines.

I wanted to say that life gets better, I'm much better, I'm happier too.
My insomnia improved, this entire month I slept 4-5 hours straight, most days it was 5 hours straight. My baseline is 3 hours, last year it was 2 hours. There was clearly an improvement in my insomnia.

My skin totally improved, I'm not as breakout as before, nor as red, I like the way my skin is. (I clarify that it is not perfect but there was a lot of improvement).

I did not register diarrhea this month, and if I had them, they were probably 1. This symptom became totally insignificant.

My anxiety improved, my depression improved, I am happier.
I already have social anxiety, nor social phobia. I'm becoming more sociable. My memory improved, my general cognition improved a little.

I have to add that it reduced caffeine and sugar. I am drinking a small cup of tea (approx. 150ml) and 3 tablespoons of sugar, ONLY FOR BREAKFAST.

I think reducing caffeine and sugar improved my symptoms, but I don't really know.
I ride my bike almost every day and sometimes I go to the gym to lift weights.

I'm improving little by little, not bad for someone who's been doing 38 months. Many people say that healing happens in approximately 4-5-6 years, I think it is true.

Thank you very much everyone, I am not 100% recovered, but I feel good, I will continue making these updates and we will see how we go. I still won't write a success story.



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