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Back to Mostly Healed 95%-Thanks to everyone forthe help and encouragement

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I am referencing the below thread. It took about 5 weeks for me to get back to baseline. I was having a rough time with an excitable CNS with the usual symptoms we all know. I thought I had kindled and was screwed based on the tiny amount of alcohol that was in the melt in your mouth prilosec pill. Based on what most of you said, you were right. It wasn't the tiny amount of alcohol. I had cold turkeyed my prilosec and it messed up my gut. The gut brain connection is the real deal.

I am back to living a full life with almost zero symptoms. The symptoms I do have are just a minor annoyance sometimes. I want to thank everyone who provided me encouragement during the tough time. I printed out some of your comments and put them on the refrigerator to keep reminding me. As you all know, during an excitable CNS, we need constant encouragement.

For those of you in the early stages and in the thick of it, IT WILL GET BETTER, IT TAKES TIME. Trust me, you'll be back to life if you're gentle with yourself and do your best. I've learned it's just time.  Everyone's time is different.

Thank you all!




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@[ni...] - thanks for this encouraging update!  The CNS can remain excitable for a while for some of us as you say.  So glad you have almost zero symptoms!  Encouraging posts like this are a great gift to member in the thick of rough symptoms.  

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