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Tapering off 0.25 mg lorazepam

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I’ve just worked my way down to .25 mg lorazepam nightly. I’d like to be off this stuff in about 5 weeks. Is this feasible? I went from .50 mg directly to .25 mg with no increase in anxiety and very little loss of sleep. I was at 3 mg nightly several months ago. My biggest issues involving being on lorazepam are thick blood/erythrocytosis and incapacitating fatigue. I’ve been through benzo wd before, from valium. Honestly, the valium wd was a lot tougher.

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My wife is currently trying to taper from .25 3x day and is having a really tough time. The plan after she settles down from her current dose of .016, is taper at 10% cuts determined by a scale. Prior to having a scale, the guestimate method figured out to be around a whopping 40% cut, and she is suffering. Don't focus on time. Slow and steady seems to be the answer.

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Hi @[ga...] and wife,

How long was she on the med?  I found 10% tapers to be way too much for me.  I took mine down to 3% tapers, and hold for about 2 weeks or less.  I have a ton of quality of life and that's what I was shooting for, live my life now, instead of trying to taper fast.

She has a lot of wiggle-room to taper less than the 10% if it doesn't help her have less of her sxs.  I still have sxs believe me, but I have a lot milder than most here I've met ;) oregonlady

PS Jumping from the 40% down to smaller tapers might have some negative affects too, I'm hoping you get more input on that possibility.  Please forgive me as I don't know for sure, my brain isn't that sharp after being on the Clonazepam so many years.

PSS Welcome to both of you, I know you will get amazing help here, I've been doing so amazingly, and I'm 71, used the C for 35 years + my taper time so far, just over a year.

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6 hours ago, [[o...] said:

Hi @[...]

I'm sorry I didn't see your post at first coming to the thread.

I go totally by how I feel, but am learning more about the wd sxs as I go.  I do a micro taper and use a scale, so I'm doing 3% Tapers, then holding until I feel well enough to taper again. 

You can hear a lot of experiences here on the site but I've held fast to the many times I've realized we are all different.  Similarities of course, but one-size does not fit all.

If you are one of the lucky ones, like me, that can choose your own taper, just listen to your body and decide which way you can keep what quality of life you prefer, and still be ridding your body of the benzo ;) oregonlady~denise

Thank you, dear Denise! Yes, we are two of the lucky ones in terms of choosing our own tapers. I so need to get off the lorazepam asap. It’s contributing to several interrelated health issues.

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