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Cognitive impairment or brain damage from less than 1 year of use?

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Is it possible for this to happen if you’ve been tapering a benzo over the course of 6 months to a year?  

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Cognitive imparement is possible within this time period and I would go as far to say it is expected for most people. One of the most common symptoms. I think brain damage is the wrong term. Think of it more as a brain injury as it goes away along with all other symptons in the vast majority of people. As do all other symptoms with time.

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@[Ne...]:  I’ve taken Benzos for 30 years.  I may have dementia tomorrow, but today I’m just fine. I’m not saying that anyone should embark on a course similar to mine; it’s made getting off this stuff very difficult. I’ve been at it for nearly three years, but I’m confident the end is in sight. During the last three years, I’ve had and passed three paper/pencil tests, EEG’s and a MRI evaluation. Yes, Benzo WD can produce brain fog, confusion, and some intense physical suffering, but I sincerely doubt that you’re screwed up for the long term. Take heart. I’m nearly 73. I would imagine that age is on your side. ??

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