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I mean, these are hard already, and so tricky during benzo withdrawal . My fiancé just expressed how down i make her feel. And it makes me sad cause i dont want this mess im in to affect other people. 

but its hard controlling my unstable emotions so i try to keep quiet and to myself a lot due to the fear of hurting people emotionally. One moment it feels like adhd, the next its bipolar like cause the emotions are all over the place and then its the brain fog. 

how are yall coping with family members 

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I’ve been married forever, so you might want to take my reply with a grain of salt, but it’s actually a good thing that this kind of stuff is happening now, rather than somewhere down the line.  One thing you might want to think about is the fact that sustainable relationships are based on support for one another, not the ability of your partner to make you happy all the time. What’s going to happen when both of you are ‘down and out’?  I know this stuff is tough to think about in the early stages, but if you guys are in for the long haul, real love has got to be based on more than physical attraction and the ability to play house together. 

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