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6 mg at night Xanax taper please help!!!

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Hello everyone,  I’ve been using Benzo’s for the last 15 years on and off my body has almost became used to the stop and start ,however the last 2 years I’ve taken 6 mg in one mouthful around 4/6 pm, so I don’t take trough out the day , as I take once a day )I no it’s a high dose to take at once , how would you guys recommend a taper ? Many many thanks 🙏 

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Hello @[So...], Welcome to BenzoBuddies,

I approved your first post to get your account going. I am sure our Buddies will comment on your thread soon. 

We are glad you joined the Forum! :)

Take care @[So...]



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Welcome to Benzo Buddies! Hopefully someone can help you with tapering, its a long road but worth the work. 


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