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Low glutamate, msg diet us a must!

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Why is diet so important during benzo withdrawal?

Everything you need to know to understand why glutamate causes excitement in the brain and how you can help reduce this response. 

I've done this. It helped and I felt better. I tried to return to my normal diet and became very symptomatic again. I'm miserable and hsve resumed my previous diet to find relief. I'm already feeling the difference!

I hope this helps you!

Please give it try

Take care 


Low Glutamate Diet by Sue Kira | True Vitality

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Wow! Super! 
I do fine eating what I want, but so glad you now know how to get better faster!!

Take care, ok.

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I just found out that this is true. I have to watch what I eat. I ate a bag of taco chips which I love and the next day I had bad anxiety. I didn't eat much yesterday and my anxiety is better today. I am not sure what I can eat now. I just had some toast with a bit of butter for bf. I think if you eat in smaller amounts it is better than eating lots of one thing. A bag of taco chips probably wasn't the best thing to eat while in deep withdrawal. 

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