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Benzodiazepines misused

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Hello everyone,

I am here because I take bromazepam since 2020 at high dose ( 18 mg) and last july this will not help me enough like before with my ruminations. 

I asked my doctor to change to xanax. The day I changed, I did not respect the posology she wrote and I took more. 

Directly after that I began to feel Burns inflammations in all my head and eyes. 

The day after I took back m’y bromazepam but since this switch nothing was the same. I lost so many weigh very quickly. Inflammations essentially the evening ( I take 6/4 the morning and 5/4 at lunch) and then I was going outside walk in the Sun. 

In novembre it was worst but still reasonnable.

I saw an internist that told me I have not auto immune desease.

I still lost weigh and then pain at the articulations and know extremly Sun sensitivity with burn and my internist told me I have certainly a lupus. 

I was in perfect health before this mistake in m’y benzodiazepines and know it’s a nighmare. 

If someone knows about things like that please help me. That reversible or my mistake done I will Leave with that ? 

Thank you very much :( 🙏 


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Hello @[Ll...],

I’m sorry that things are rough for you and you are feeling the effects of taking large doses of bromazepam.

To clarify, are you still taking Bromazepam? I’m not sure I understand your dosing. When you say 6/4 are you referring to milligrams?

Once you provide mor information we can move forward and determine what your ultimate goals are.



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Thank you very much for your answer.

I take 18 mg in a day. 1 tablet and a half the morning and 1 tablet and 1/4 at lunch. 

I felt no problem with that before only when I was missing a dose but after this switch without respect the equivalence my body felt the missing of bromazepam and a too big dose of alprazolam and since that everything happened. With neurological problems also 

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I was back to bromazepam directly the day after this horrible feeling and I still take bromazepam at the same dose.

sorry it was not clear 

thank you again 

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