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Depression & Anxiety when get it better

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I wonder guys how long it takes for you to see Major improvement in this 2 Symptoms. I appreciate every experience


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Hello @[Pa...],

In my case, I didn’t really have depression or anxiety until I was put in benzos, experienced tolerance and withdrawal. I was put on benzos for a supposed middle ear issue. The drugs did a great job creating both depression and anxiety, as well as panic. For me these symptoms eased up before the physical effects. They didn’t disappear suddenly, I had to learn how to deal with them. It impacted me a lot in terms of driving and being out in stores shopping. 

If I remember correctly, my withdrawal was quite a long time ago, the depression eased up after about 4 months. Anxiety persisted a bit longer, likely through the 6-7 month. My physical symptoms lasted well into the second year, but everything  was gone  by about 5-16 months off.

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PG...^ is this AFTER you had tapered and STOPPED?

all the best Paul  :)

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