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Hello all again


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Occasional user of Benzo from 2002-2005.


From 2006-2008, My doze was 2 MG/Day

From 2008-2011, My doze was 3 MG/Day

from February 2011- March 2011, My doze was 2 MG/day

March 2011-April 2011, 1 MG/Day

May 2011 - June 2011, .5 MG/DAY

End June>>>> .25mg/Day




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Hello Russell,


Welcome to BB  :)


Congrats on your taper thus far  :thumbsup:


Please tell us a little more about your benzo usage and taper.

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Hi Russell,


I see from your other intro, you're taking Clonazepam. As I stated in the other thread, you may want to take it a little slower now since you're getting closer to the end, many have found this to help ease symptoms. I'm glad you came back :)



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Thanks for your support. As my psychologist left the withdrawal method on me, so it is I who decided about the doze. I didn't know what might be the potential withdrawal effects. I saw number of W/D symptoms at wiki and says that withdrawal effects may continue for 2 weeks. That's why I quickly reduced my doze.


On .25 mg/day, I have been facing most negative effects. However, this site is a immense inspiration for me that I take the side effects as withdrawal effects. That is lessen my pressure to a great extent.


At the same time, my doctor teaches me some relaxation techniques which also benefit in a large extent.


As I am on .25 at this moment, I think I should continue to endure the pain for few more days, letting the W/D effects be settled. Another method can be increase the doze in, however, I think would not be a grate choice.



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