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Need help with micro tamper with Klonopin


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Hi. I am new to this board and I find all of the posts very informative.


I have had a horrendous experience with Klonopin as with so many others on this board. To make my story short, I have been in a protracted withdrawal since December. The dose was 10 mg average of Klonopin and I am now at 2.0. I have suffered and continued to suffer withdrawal symptoms ranging from panic attacks, severe anxiety, insomnia and a host of other symptoms. I started making dry cuts of .25 (March-present 3.0 mg -1 mg and now at 2.0 mg for almost 2.5 weeks). My doctor is no help with this and actually dont need him anyway for this taper. He has prescribed Seroquel which I have tried but do not want to continue (was on low dose .25 mg but stopped it).


I want to do a micro-taper (Klonopin) starting in the next few days. I am not sure of the amount of milk to use, ie, 2 mg dissolve tabs spread out in baby jars of either 4 or 6 depending on severity of symptoms. I plan on reducing at a start point of 1 ml (by syringe)

but am confused about using either 100 ml of milk, 250 or even 500 (2 cups). I normally take 1 mg tab in the morning and 1 mg tab in mid afternoon. I have now started on Lunesta (2 mg) because of the insomnia which is causing me great anguish resulting in panic attacks. If I cant sleep, I lose all control and end up with severe panic attacks.


I am determined to continue to get off this drug and with discovering your site, I know I can get the correct information on how to use the correct amount of milk (dissolved in mason jar/w divided doses in baby jars but cant seems to locate the amount of milk. If you would be so kind to respond at your earliest convience, it will be very much appreciated.

Dose: 2 mg Klonopin

Tab Dose: 1 mg 2x daily

Taper Rate: no higher than 10% of daily dose..not sure of the figures re 100 ml milk, 250 ml or 500 ml.


Again, thank you so much!


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Since no one else has replied yet I will take a stab at it. First read the other posts here and the formal titration section.  I personally liked the response to the " In need of a titration schedule  "thread by zeoul june 25 and it can easily be adapted to the micro taper that you are looking for.  BTW you have to consider whether your withdrawl symptoms are just that or actually tolerance build-up. people more knowledgeable could help you with that determination.  You might post that question under "General taper plans".

God bless, David B

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Real sorry to hear about your symptoms.  I did a super fast taper 4 years ago, that was terrible.  I think your going to fast is the problem.  I know some folks want to get off the meds fast, and they warn of tolerance if you stay at one dose too long, but I have had MUCH better luck with my symptoms of withdrawal by using the rule "too slow is better than too fast"


I hold when I need to, and I usually get to feeling better, then I go down some more...


I would start out by liquid titrating minus 1 ml a day.  That should be a much better pace.

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I did a super micro taper from klonopin..I will detail my process below..but one thing


you have to DROP THE LUNESTA!!  it's a Z drug and acts on the same receptors as klonopin. It will screw you up during this process.  I know you need sleep we all do. Insomnia is an issue for all of us...but PLEASE frop the sleep meds..you can ask around here and will find many people , the lunesta made things a lot worse.


anyways..this is my micro taper and how I did it.


I took 1mg of K and 50ml of milk.  I dissolved the 1mg in the 50ml of milk in a baby food jar overnight in the fridge.  The next morning I would shake up the jar really really really well. (for about 3 minutes or so)


Then I would remove my cut for the day and discard the cut and then divide the rest up into 3 even doses, and store them in baby food jars for the day.  I would only remove 1/10th of a ml at a time.


For example:

Day 1  I removed 1/10th (.1) a ml  drank 49.9ml

day 2 I removed .2ml  drank 49.8ml

day 3 I removed .3ml  drank 49.7ml


and so on..


I used a 1ml syringe for my cuts, and I used a 10ml syringe to measure out the 50ml of milk (just filled it 5 times)


I would make a new batch each night. If you do titration, make sure you use whole fat milk. (8g 12%) this is important.

I did not crush my pills, I just let them dissolve.


This taper took me a REALLY long time. But my taper was virtually SX free.  I have a few symptoms now that Im off, but during my taper I was just fine.


If you would like to do yours this way and have any questions about the specifics please msg me, as I do not check this section that often.


Anyhow ..good luck!


remember to ditch the sleep meds!



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also..the amount of milk will be up to your prefernce...there would be two schools of thought on this.  I used 50ml for 1mg BUT I did the super super slow taper only removing 1/10th a mL  .... so if you did it that slow you could most likely get away with 100ml for 2 mg..


BUT if you wanted to do a normal titration and remove 1ml per cut then I would use at least 200ML for the 2mg.

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