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I’m finding it difficult to hold at 1mg of Klonopin

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I usually exercise intensely which has help with slowly tapering off K. I’m holding at 1 mg but because it has been raining so much in California causing me not to go out and ride, exercise..I have slipped up several times. Even taking a 0.50mg several times to get some relief. Thoughts, encouraging words, advice? Thank you! No I’m not suffering bad.




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Hi @[Ri...] - Exercise is a fantastic stress reliever.  It helps discharge anxious energy and gets your endorphins rolling in.  (You're fortunate it works for you - some people in withdrawal become exercise intolerant.)  So I can understand how it throws you off when you're prevented from doing your usual routine. I'm wondering if it would help to develop alternative exercise routines to have in your toolkit as you cope with benzo withdrawal.  We need all the tools we can get during withdrawal - especially for those times when many of us got used to reaching for a pill.  A tool that might work for you might be, for example if you're stuck inside because of rain, you could find an exercise routine on YouTube - there are a ton of them. 

I know California needs the rain but I hope you can get back to cycling again soon.  

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