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Advice on splitting clonazepam dose?


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Hi everyone,


I have been tapering down my clonazepam using a compounded liquid form. I am down to the equivalent of .44 mg(4.4mL) and have been taking the full dosage at night. I am cutting at a rate of .03 mg a week, and still have many days of annoying symptoms (heart palpitations, headache, dizziness, apathy, depression on and off) each week. I am wondering if anyone has found that their symptoms improved by splitting their dosage between morning and night. So I would take .22 mg in the morning and .22 mg at night. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice regarding this?


Also, I was having a lot of sleep problems when I first started tapering in February, so that is when I cut out my morning dose first and left my night dose to taper last. However, I have been sleeping pretty well the last couple months- but I am not sure if splitting the dosage would cause sleep problems again...this whole process is so confusing!

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