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Medical Students' Exposure to and Attitudes about the Pharmaceutical Industry


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This is an interesting read:



Quote: "The complex relationship between health professionals and the pharmaceutical industry has long been a subject of discussion among physicians and policymakers. There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that physicians' interactions with pharmaceutical sales representatives may influence clinical decision making in a way that is not always in the best interests of individual patients, for example, encouraging the use of expensive treatments that have no therapeutic advantage over less costly alternatives. The pharmaceutical industry often uses physician education as a marketing tool, as in the case of Continuing Medical Education courses that are designed to drive prescribing practices.


One reason that physicians may be particularly susceptible to pharmaceutical industry marketing messages is that doctors' attitudes towards the pharmaceutical industry may form early in their careers. The socialization effect of professional schooling is strong, and plays a lasting role in shaping views and behaviors."








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Most of the time when I visited my doc there were more drug reps there than patients at any given time.


Another thing- when I was given a prescription to treat my acid reflux I went to the pharmacy to have it filled. Luckily the pharmacist asked me if I had ever tried Prilosec OTC. I told him that I hadn't and he suggested that I try that before spending the money on the script.


Four years later the Prilosec still works perfectly and it has saved me HUNDRED of dollars.

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