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Survey - A Call for Participants (Indiana University School of Social Work)


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Hello all.

We invite members to participate in a study conducted by Jacob Ressler, MSW, LSW, CCISM and Tyler Jean, MSW, MSEd, LSW, PhD students at the Indiana University School of Social Work. Jacob Ressler is a fellow benzodiazepine withdrawal traveller.

This is an IRB-approved survey, and will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. It is anonymous, and of course you are under no obligation to participate and may skip questions you do not wish to answer.

The study is intended to help develop materials to better inform health professionals about the problems associated with benzodiazepine withdrawal, and provide insights which might aid in the development of better withdrawal treatments and protocols.

Below, an outline from Jacob Ressler with some basic details and a link to the study; full details are included in the introduction to the survey itself. If you have questions about the survey, you can reply with them to this thread; or, if you prefer, you can contact Jacob Ressler through his BenzoBuddies account, @[Po...]. Further contact details are included within the introduction to the survey.

Thank you.

Introduction from Jacob Ressler/@[Po...] :


We’re excited to announce the opportunity to participate in a study that was born in the benzo recovery community and is endorsed by the Benzo Info Coalition and the Benzo Action Work Group. Folks in recovery helped to formulate the nature of the questions, provided input on survey design, and have been involved in each phase up to this post. The results of this study have the potential to greatly impact our understanding of factors that enable PAWS/BIND and can open the door to new benzo recovery interventions.

If you’ve been through withdrawal at least once before, please consider spending 10-15 min completing this IRB-approved survey - it may have a much bigger impact than you expect! If you know others who are eligible, please consider sharing this with them as well. Your experiences can help others to heal!

Please scan the code in the image or use the following link to access the survey:



A reminder/heads-up about another survey. Both surveys are beneficial to our members and the wider benzodiazepine withdrawal community.


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Done and done. These types of things are so important for the community!

Glad to be a part of it.

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Although I have stepped back from BB’s for a few weeks, I do check in periodically and felt it important to take the survey!  It is quick and easy and covers so many different benzo related topics, that I believe it will allow for the much needed awakening of all those in the medical field to the dangers of the over prescribing of benzos!  

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