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My success story


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Anxiety, stress and insomnia problem. Doctor prescribes anxiolytics and antidepressants. I'm not getting better, I feel mental slowness, discomfort and tiredness. I decided to stop medication, it got worse, I called the doctor and he told me that this type of medication cannot be stopped suddenly. Deciding not to take them, I got worse, I ended up in a psychiatrist consultation, I took sick leave from work and I entered into the biggest challenge that life has presented me up to that moment.


I visited several psychiatrists until I gave up continuing to change medications that did not work for me, and with several diagnoses of supposed mental disorders.

Loss of job, bad personal relationships with family and partner. I decide to leave a partner, because I don't feel supported. I stop being me, I become someone who is terrified of everything, full of anger, pain, and incapable of feeling calm.


I decide to go to psychological therapy, they tell me that I have to break the cycle of negativity. In short, the problem is with me, being too sensitive, too afraid, my way of being, etc.

I believe everything negative that they tell me because if everyone else is fine and I was fine before it must be true that something is wrong with me or something broke in my nervous system or in my brain to be so incapable of relating and living. 


I get a job and start pretending, pretending that I'm fine, that I'm living a normal life. However, I don't sleep, I barely have any strength, extreme anxiety, chills, sweats, among other things. I don't want to increase medication, I know from experience that it is not the solution. Now I know I was in tolerance. Every day my thoughts are very black. I don't want to continue, but the fear of ending up in a psychiatric hospital for life makes me hold on until next weekend. And so the days, months and years go by.


Hours and hours on the internet, looking for a miraculous treatment that will get me out of these supposed mental illnesses, from this broken brain, from this inability to feel peace, love and tranquility.


I change jobs, I go back to the psychiatrist to tell him that I want to stop medication. He gives me a guideline and in three weeks I stop benzodiazepines and continue antidepressants. It got worse, what was wrong, he already warned me, that there was no cure and that I shouldn't stop because I was going to relapse. I take the same dose again, and decide not to go back to any psychiatrist. I lose my job.


I barely leave the house, strong symptoms. At home I feel a little safer. By chance I found a story about someone who was cured of psychiatric medications. Dr Asthon's manual encounter. I take a course and get a precarious job but it helps me pay bills and makes me feel like I'm worth something. I start to have avoidant behaviors with people.



I find benzobuddies, I read and read success stories, I decide to start stopping medication.


I start reading, jobbie I had left, I get a better job at mine.


Great improvements in abstinence.

Death of a loved one


January: Covid

April: Vaccine, extreme symptoms of fatigue, lack of energy, feeling of being very sick, internal burning like lava, electric currents at all hours, mental slowness, muscle pain, intense and rare headaches,, sweating, palpitations in various parts of the body, extreme fear, hives, chemical and food sensitivities, etc., inability to resolve several things at the same time, neurological symptoms; very similar to acute withdrawal except due to duration of burning and needles and currents.

Visited several doctors, different diagnoses, many mental, no solution.

December: Loss of hope, job resignation, collapse at all levels. I leave my house and move into a family home.


I start psychological therapy. On my own, I continue visiting doctors and having various tests done. I meet a doctor who performs more exhaustive analyzes and discovers that I have parasites. I was bitten by an infected tick and I have Lyme. I'm looking for a specialist clinic, they do more tests and confirm the diagnosis. Nutrient deficiency Iron, magnesium, glutathione, Vitamin B, E, etc. Food sensitivity and intolerance, gluten and dairy, borrelia in the central nervous system and slow viruses, and candida.

They prescribe supplements, an anti-inflammatory diet, intravenous vitamin and ozone treatments.

September: Improvement on all levels. I regain energy, peace, tranquility. I start doing sports, exercising at home with weights.

I begin to relate again with myself, with family. I recover relationships with friends. I get my life back, I'm me again.


I begin to work. I feel excited, I have all my mental capacities intact. I can multitask and enjoy

August 2023 to February 2024

The best months of my life, in almost 20 years of very hard learning and losing almost everything except my family and life.

I don't feel any type of fear, neither about taking supplements, nor about medications that I may need, nor about people. I am stronger, I am grateful that I was able to overcome this. At no time did I see it possible, not even when I read other people's stories. I know myself much better, I love myself more, I put myself and my health first. I have better judgment and greater knowledge.

Even with everything that happened to me, my brain continued to heal. If you ask me how long it took me to heal, I would say approximately 4 and a half years.

I fully enjoy my work, my family, my friends, going out, having excitement, the simple things in life. Above all, feeling peace, tranquility, feeling happy, grateful and lucky.

I want to thank this place for being the raft that has taken me to port in the middle of the storm.


Thank you Collin for creating it, to Pamster for the welcome and advice, and to all those who pushed me to continue with their stories, to those who responded privately to help me.


I wish you the tenacity to hold on until the day you see the exit. Everything will be better than before.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.



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Thank you for sharing your story. It means a lot to me and thanks for listening to me in the darkest moments of my life. Your success story gives me hope. 
I wish you all the very best, Aira

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On 14/2/2024 at 20:04, [[G...] said:

Me pregunto, después de que comenzó su dieta antiinflamatoria, ¿comenzó a ver alguna diferencia?


Hello God is faithful,

Yes, for me it was an important change, not only the anti-inflammatory diet, but the supplementation of vitamins and nutrients that I was very lacking such as iron, vitamins D, vitamin K, glutathione, and group B vitamins as well as supplements that helped me close intestinal permeability.


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