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how do you stabalize your benzo dose before taper?


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i just finished my gabapentin taper and decided that my lorazepam is next to go. i want to get on a stabilized ativan dose and stay there for a few weeks and heal before i start my next endeavor. but how do i do this? before i started my gabapentin taper i was taking 1.5mg a day of ativan and i was ok with that dose. during my three week gabapentin taper some days i would use my ativan as a crutch so i wouldnt end up in the ER due to the withdrawals//side effects. i got real bad tremors in my hands and internal tremors in my head, dizziness, eyes not focusing etc. the etra ativan helped curb these side effects. below is the averages of ativan i have taken over the last 4 weeks.


week 0 (before taper//first few days of taper): i averaged 1.5mg a day

week 1: i averaged 1.75mg a day

week 2: i averaged 2.1mg a day

week 3:  i averaged 2.5mg a day


as you can see the first week i did ok. as i tapered my gabapentin further my daily dose of ativan slowly crept up. how due i get back down to my original 1.5mg a day dose? or should i just stabilize at 2mg? 2.5mg? i figure the lower the dose i stabilize at now the shorter my taper plan will be. also if i do try to stabilize at 1.5mg again do i try to drop .25mg every 3 or 4 days to get back there? realizing the longer i stay above 1.5mg the harder it will be to get back down.


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