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Eye pain

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Me again!  lol


This week I suffered from some insomnia issues...something I don't have to deal w/ much during my taper.  So yesterday morning when I woke up, I had this strange sensation in my eyes...not the normal burning eyes b/c you haven't had enough sleep.  It was behind my eyeballs.  When I close my eyes, I FEEL like my eyeballs can't rest and they are moving up/down, side-to-side.  But when I feel my eyelids, I don't sense much movement.  Then they start to hurt.  It hurts typing this...looking at the computer screen...or even reading a paper.  My husband "Googled" it for me and said it sounded like others experienced it during w/d, but I've never had it before and find it unsettling.  My eyes just don't feel comfortable.  They hurt open, they hurt closed. 




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One of the longest symptoms for me was, eye(vision) problems. Not only was vision blurry, but my eyes would twitch, burn and sometimes it felt like there was gravel in them.


They were always bloodshot and looked so bad.

In time this will be better and disappear. :thumbsup:


Eye problems are also mentioned in the Ashton Manual.




      Pain/stiffness - (limbs, back, neck, teeth, jaw)

      Tingling, numbness, altered sensation - (limbs, face, trunk)

      Weakness ("jelly-legs")

      Fatigue, influenza-like symptoms

      Muscle twitches, jerks, tics, "electric shocks"


      Dizziness, light-headedness, poor balance

      Blurred/double vision, sore or dry eyes


      Hypersensitivity - (light, sound, touch, taste, smell)

      Gastrointestinal symptoms - (nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea,

      constipation, pain, distension, difficulty swallowing)

      Appetite/weight change

      Dry mouth, metallic taste, unusual smell



      Urinary difficulties/menstrual difficulties

      Skin rashes, itching


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I have very bad eyes, and have all my life, so I really can't tell if my eyes have got worse.


I have noticed a somewhat doubled vision in one eye, but my glasses covers it.


As Matrix mentioned, I have burning in my eyes from time to time.


When I close my eyes, I FEEL like my eyeballs can't rest and they are moving up/down, side-to-side.


My eyes at night mostly, sometimes go in the back of my head, they feel like they do.

Hard to explain.


Hopefully this symptom, and that's what it is.. will go away for you.



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Eye pain/burning etc. has been one of my most constant symptoms throughout the taper.  At one point I was wearing sunglasses in my house my eyes hurt so bad.  I could hardly keep my eyes open.  I also got the sense of a band around my entire eye/brow/temple area, which was REALLY painful and sometimes turned into a nasty migraine.  But then I had a tendency to migraine before benzos. 


I know what you mean about that sensation of the pain being way back behind the eyeballs.  For me it feels like there could be something going on with the muscles of the eye because I have some kind of weird tightness back there.  Besides the pain, it's just flat out unpleasant.


I have a flat gel cold pack about 16 inches long and 5 inches wide which I wrap in a hand towel.  I  then lay down, try to relax, and put the entire thing over my eyes, wrapping it around my temples and all the way around my entire head.  Sometimes I put on some Brian Eno.  This has helped me on numerous occasions.



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