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"Many Foods Do Not Agree With My Digestive System NOW"

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Since my small reduce of diazepam unfortunately I have now terrible times with finding something to eat as cannot eat much without it going straight through my system..I have had this problem for many years but ITS EVEN WORSE in W/D.

Wondering if this is NOT good for me at times absorbing my drug/diazepam too.

I can only eat NOW egg whites as have high cholesterol. white rice, rich tea biscuits,banana's. soya milk. was eating soya yogurts to but cannot eat them or even fruit I can eat a few frozen peas and cauliflower....so my main meal is white rice and fish or white rice and diced chicken which my husband has prepared for me before he goes away to sea. As still bedridden with terrible/nerve pain which has eased a little today. But my sxs or symptoms of W/D now are much much worse and more OFTEN less sleep too.....I am  :(losing weight rapidly....

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