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Month 7 this is aweful


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Ok I’m having no windows and I’m depressed no energy confusion and experience no joy oh I’m also nauseous bad reflux hair is thinning bad skin I’m trying so hard and do nit feel this is ever going to end I look like how I feel went to the store and it’s just scarey have awful agoraphobia and my family is nit supportive actually say very mean things I’m not sure if I’m stuck this way if so it’s horrible my skin mouth eyes soo dry too nothing helps I want to feel joy again and not have headaches or nausea 🙏

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I know its awful, and I’m sorry your family isn’t supportive, no one gets this unless they’ve lived it. I felt everything you are, everything and I wasn’t stuck and you won’t be either.  This is a very long temporary condition and you’re doing what you need to do to ensure your future happiness, which will return by the way.

Your hair will grow back in, your skin will improve and you’ll feel joy again, it will happen. 

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