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Benzo lockup in fat cells: A disagreement


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Greetings, everyone --


After a few good days of an enjoyable window, I find myself in bed having just suffered what would look like a panic attack, but without all the panic.  In short - uneasy feeling, rapid heart rate, depersonalization/derealization, and upset that it's getting the better part of me.


Nevertheless, as I am in bed trying to relax, I am thinking over some things in my head.  This will be a winding road of thoughts and logic, so get through it as best as you can.


Professor Ashton (and others) have speculated that benzos don't get "locked up" in the body.  Her rationale is that the body is in a constant effort to find homeostasis (ie: biological balance).  Therefore, concentrations of benzos will fluctuate in and out of blood and cells in order to maintain this balance.


However, since the retention of benzos in fat cells has not been significantly researched, I am not sure that is an acceptable answer.  Even Professor Ashton admits that she's asked the pharmaceutical companies for such research and data on benzos being locked up - and that was met with no reply.


And of course, I regularly see some folks here who strongly insist there is no lock-up of benzos - but frankly, the research is so scarce that making such a judgement seems premature.  Especially when benzos are lipophilic - meaning they are fat soluble - and especially when other classes of lipophilic drugs have demonstrated this potential.


I remembered reading, a long time ago, that THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) is stored in fat cells for a considerable time.  In fact, the article I read indicated that even for people who haven't used in a long time, exercise (and the subsequent use of fat for energy) can release the metabolites into the blood stream.  Some people who get deep-tissue massages and have used similar drugs can also experience a hangover or have symptoms of actually being on the drug.


I'd like to point out that I'm not a marijuana user, nor have I ever been.  I'm just illustrating a possibility, based on a drug that's been far more researched and vilified than benzos.


So, here I am ... MatthewOnline ... I'm about 6 3/4 months free from my last dose of benzos.  My first few months were great.  Month 6 has been a challenge.  The past 3 to 5 days were actually wonderful.  I was feeling normal - until today.


I recently began to get more activity.  I adopted a very healthful diet back in December, so I decided it was time to get activity mixed in with good diet.  As a result of the increased activity, and cutting a lot of sugars and fruit juice, I've lost some weight in the past few weeks.


With my recent weight loss and increase in activity, I hypothesize the following and open it up for critical review by everyone:


- Benzodiazepines are likely stored in fat cells for an unknown period.

- When the body burns fat, benzos and/or benzo metabolites may get released into the blood.

- Because of this hypothesized storage/release cycle, some recovering benzo patients might experience periods of low anxiety during the release back into the blood, followed by a period of benzo hangover or withdrawal symptoms.


In my case, the timeline fits but I have bias in assessing myself.  I cannot perform the necessary tests to determine if this is the case, and I have a motivation to believe this is true.


To summarize:  Benzos may be locked up in fat. I recently modified my diet and exercise and I lost some weight. As a result, I believe I "burned" fat and possibly utilized stored benzos.  I was feeling exceptionally well this past week and am now suffering in a withdrawal-related manner.







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This is a good project for me as a former (and hopefully soon to be recovered) personal trainer.  I will do some research and let you know what I find.


Love ya Matt.  Hang in there...you are doing better than you realize.


God bless you


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Hi Matthew,


Very interesting observations and ideas. I hope you're feeling better, and will be interested to hear/learn of any other info. you or Mary discover.


Best wishes,


Grace Seeker~

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I don't want to rain on your parade but I don't think you are right.



When I started taking benzos I weight 93kg,  after 18 months of abusing them and alcohol I weight 109kg.  I quit cold turkey 11 months ago and exercised like an idiot from the first week of being off.  Now 11 months later I weigh 89kg and my body fat is down 11%, all the fat I put on during benzo use, and more, has gone.  Exercise made no difference to my symptoms other than feeling good for a few hours afterwards due to the endorphine rush.




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