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Midpoint hold


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I’ve seen a couple places suggest a hold when one gets to the midway point of their taper, including the Benzo Information Coalition.  Has anyone done this and is there any science to it?  Did it help you?  I’m just slightly over half way through (gone from 1 mg Clonazepam to .45) and mostly am dealing with rebound insomnia which is somewhat limiting me in the mornings until afternoon.  I’ve been cutting every 10-14 days depending on how i feel, but never held longer than that.  I fear things getting worse as I approach the last third of my taper and wonder if a hold would be of any benefit to let my brain adjust a little more.  Others say keep on trucking and get yourself off slowly but surely.  I know there’s no one answer to this question for everyone but just curious to hear if this helped anyone.  I do believe I was maybe having some mild tolerance/WD when I started as I’d notice my sleep had started to be not as good.   Now it’s pretty much insomnia every night 😐

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