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Finished long 2-1/2 year taper


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I finished a very long 2.5 year taper and I jumped off 54 days ago and I'm feeling worse than ever. I went from Xanax and Temazapam to Ativan to Diazapam over the length of the taper. When I jumped off I was taking a little less than .5 mg of valium and figured I wouldn't have any issues since the taper had been so long. Boy am I disappointed and frustrated. I am probably feeling worse now than I did during the entire taper and that's saying a lot because it was a very difficult taper since I had been taking benzo for 20 years. For those of you who have stopped the benzo nightmare, did any of you feel worse after completely stopping benzos and if so, how long did it last? 

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I think of it as a roller coaster. Smaller hills and smaller valleys over time.  In time  we'll be rolling along level and enjoying life again.

Sorry for your current wave/ valley.


PS: yes I did feel worse sometimes further out. I contribute that to my mind being clearer. 

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