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Eye twitching


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I’m close to the end of my taper. I’m at .o25 K and I’ve developed a new symptom,at least I think it’s a symptom. My left eye twitches sometimes. Is this a common symptom? Thanks 

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I also had twitches- eyes and chin, over the last few months before I ended my taper at around .025. Are you ready to jump? I'm now about 3 months off K, no twitches anymore. This isn't a serious symptom. Probably anxiety. 


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Eyelid twitches (aka blepharospasms) are a common withdrawal symptoms.  It's one of several muscle symptoms common in withdrawal.  Here's what Dr. Ashton says about this in the Ashton Manual Chapter III. https://www.benzo.org.uk/manual/bzcha03.htm#12


"...the nerves to the muscles are hyperexcitable, leading to tremor, tics, jerks, spasm and twitching, and jumping at the smallest stimulus. All this constant activity contributes to a feeling of fatigue and weakness ("jelly-legs"). In addition, the muscles, especially the small muscles of the eye, are not well co-ordinated, which may lead to blurred or double vision or even eyelid spasms (blepharospasm).

None of these symptoms is harmful, and they need not be a cause of worry once they are understood."


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