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Restless legs, inner tremors, anxiety, nervousness, fast heart beat 9 months CT


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I also have vertigo. Dizzy spells I get where I almost pass out include vomiting and diarrhea ( had that about four times in 3 months)

My symptoms did change 3 months ago and started to include the dizziness and vertigo but this wave the anxiety has ramped up and inner tremors, anxiety are terrible. My legs are jellified and it feels like restless leg syndrome. Nausea on and off. I feel I have cotton wool between my ears and a buzzing in my head, plus teeth grinding. I could cope with these if the anxiety and tremors would subside.


Bloodwork checked a few weeks ago, no deficiencies, thyroid ok. 


Am I going backwards????? My windows are great but I'm getting hit hard, really hard. I cannot bear this anxiety and inner restlessness. Am I developing akathisia 9 months out from my CT???


Help me please


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