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Is this protracted withdrawal or mental illness


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I’m a year out after seven years off and on with different benzos. I guess because of the length of time I’ve been on the benzos I’m not sure whether what experience is more withdrawal or just a re-occurrence of my depression and anxiety. Some days I have physical sensations like burning hands tinnitus and terrible balance … other days it’s all mental health and it’s so awful I cry all day and then I’ll have a very short period where I feel fine, and it all starts again. my husband is totally frustrated with me. i’ve lost my support system because we had to move away from our home and relocate. I left all my friends behind. God knows it’s not easy to make them when you’re 62 and nuts.

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Hello Judy,

I can't speak to whether or not it's protracted withdrawal, but just from reading your post it sounds like you are dealing with some emotional ups and downs. As you are probably very well aware, depression and anxiety come and go, so my question would be would you treat it any different? Either way, whatever you want to call it, it is affecting you, and either way you have to do something to make it stop. I am of the mindset that you don't wait for the enemy to get to your doorstep before you attack, by then it's too late, instead get out in front and stay in front. Moving away from friends can be tough, having a frustrated spouse can be tough, so what can you do right now, in this moment to start to help yourself? This approach is not for everyone, but it has definitely served me well. I know how you feel, I suffer from the same disease. I just got tired of losing. 

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