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stiff person syndrome?


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Hello friends, man I've been through some very wild symptoms. I'm currently at 182 which I document every symptom I experience in the span of my messy cold turkey Ativan recovery process with symptoms still evolving, still changing but for the most part I'm in this process where ill have symptoms of the more extreme side of things for a few weeks, then things will die down and I'll be okay for like 3 weeks to a month which is good news considering my bad symptoms episodes could last up to 6-8 months with other symptoms sprinkled in. 


My question revolves around stiff person syndrome.. I don't really understand it, but I do know that every single time I'm doing eating or throughout eat my arms and legs will become overly stiff with this incredibly either painful or somewhat discomfort sensation that moves throughout my entire body. I've been tested, just wondering if anyone was diagnosed with stiff person syndrome and did it go away?. I have to get back on my diet I was doing much better on a carnivore diet but I stopped once my dog passed sending me into a sugar, carb, junk food spiral mess which I will get back to a proper healthy diet again soon once I get the funds to stock pile red meat and animal fat again but until then, just wondering if anyone has been diagnosed or dealt with this... Like it feels like a tight rigit based tightness it's incredibly uncomfortable. When it happens, other symptoms pop up too 7/10 times  from head aches to numbness and weakness in my arm and leg which I'm not too concerned about anymore those are starting to die down. I really appreciate any stories or reassurance. Food sensitivity is still my worst symptom as literally my symptoms kick my butt after eating most things

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I have It

I have IT so bad that IT feels like tunring into a statue.

I am very afraid my spine is injured My hips are rotated permantly. All because of this and even if my muscles Will heal one day... There is no cure for my injury in spine .


I am oxalate intolerant and therefore was on a carnivore diet Too, 

I am pretty much sure your urtarica is oxalate dumping. 

People who are oxalate intolerant mostly have An issue with B1 and b6 transporter in the body. 

Both very much neefed for gaba and dopamine. 

Carnivore Will probably Fix this for you. If not give the vitamins a try

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