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The Way I Tale Them?


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The way I have been taking them for years has been on and off. The best way to describe it I guess is “as needed”. There have been periods where it’s been major abuse level of taking them and periods where I have pills left over at the end of the month when I get my fill. 

I want to stop.


How do I taper off when I have never consistently taken them? Taking them everyday to taper, feels counter productive to me. Could cold Turkey hurt me if I’ve never consistently taken them? 

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Hello @[Da...]. Welcome to BenzoBuddies.

Would to describe your dosing regimen/routine in more detail. Details of the dosages and frequency over the past couple of months will help us formulate better responses. Which benzodiazepine do you take, and for how long?

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@[Da...] I can relate to you and this has been an on and off 5 year journey tht started as needed for anxiety then turned abusive. (1.5 years no benzo at all in my system but spread between the 5 years)


most recent was a 3 week binge of 60  mgs, taking up to 9 mg at once on my “best” days. Cold turkey off the 9 mg. Two weeks of withdrawal and I reinstated I was DONE thought I was dying. 

new and high pitch tinnitus, jelly arms and legs, feeling like I couldn’t move, depersonalization, 24/7 anxiety attacks, crazy physical symptoms. 

i just started tapering down from 1 mg Klonopin and I’m on .80mg now. 

glad you’re here for help buddie!

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