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Numbness,tingling in fingers, anyone??


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I'm getting on off tingling and numbness in my fingers. Not my feet,or face or anywhere else. just fingers. Usually only get the pins in and needles in my hands when im in a major dizzy spell. 

Anyone relate?? I'm.in hell with my symptoms right now


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Hi Birdy, since you mostly feel the pins and needles when you are having a really bad dizzy spell, it may be you are also having a panic attack, while it is going on, and that could cause that feeling. I know you are struggling, but hang on and just do the best you can...when you can. Look up on YouTube for some breathing excercises and the next time you feel really dizzy, try to do the breathing exercise, it is worth a try. And I know you think the dizziness will never leave, but it will, but it will take time, as long as the brain needs to heal, and it will. Stay Strong. 💖Peace and Healing.

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Anxiety always causes me to have tingles 

I have to actively control it by regulating my anxiety

if I let the anxiety have control I just spiral down with symptoms but if I take action I can alleviate it 

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