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4 years today


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All my former Buddies have left this site. I received no PMS any longer. Why did they have to take such a wonderful sight and turn it into something so complicated? Unless they intentionally wanted to get rid of us old folks. Music 60

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Hello buddies!

Change is difficult and we are all getting used to the new format.

However, change was necessary in order to keep this forum a viable place for people seeking information and support during a challenging process. The hallmark of BB is ‘peer’ support.  This aspect had been lacking on the old forum.

Members had fallen into cliques and what is now called ‘silos’ and they rarely ventured out to other areas of the forum. New members would ask for support and encouragement and didn’t receive responses. It was understandably upsetting to them and many were discouraged and left. 

Our members have a vast amount of knowledge and experience, the kind of knowledge that can help others navigate the withdrawal process. Withdrawal related issues really do belong on the main forum, not buried in blogs and groups. 

We’ve seen an improvement in member support, but it can be better with everyone’s help. 

Additionally, the old software was just that, old. There is a lot more potential with this format.

We have a Chat again! I’d really like to see members take advantage of this and have some fun. I remember my days using chat sometimes for silly things like comparing the best chocolate. There were some lively times on Chat.

We certainly don’t wish to get rid of the ‘old folks’, you have a lot to offer our members and welcome your participation.



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