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Polydrugging after SSRI Chaos


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Hello Friends,

i'm new Here. I came Off prozac after a reinstatement with a total Crash. You can compare it with acute Benzo Withdrawal.

Hallucinations, DP/DR, could'nt Walk bc If Dizzyness, Burning sensations, feelings Like Brain bursts out of the Skull, and the worst: akathisia for 8 Months. 

I landed Up in psychward and got polydrugged. Now i'm still on Seroquel and 29 mg Valium.

I'm now 2,5 jears in this mess but im getting good improvements except sleep which got worse 2 weeks ago (Benzo stopped working?)

I know that im on my way to Recovery but when i See all those Stories about people going Off benzos, im devastasted because i wouldn't survive this hell a second time.

Are Here people who came Off benzos without issues? I could'nt find some and im so scared....

I can only do 0,5 mg steps and my doctor agrees. But i'm scared because it will Take sooooo Long Till im Off. And im scared that tolerance (Withdrawal) will Hit.


Anyone who's experienced with the positive Stories Here?

Thanks in Advance 🙏😊

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Welcome to Benzo Buddies!   Glad you are here.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict whether you will have a difficult withdrawal process.  The best way to proceed is to get a tapering plan.   We recommend making 5%-10% cuts every two or three weeks.  This is much slower than your doctor is recommending.     It takes a lot of patience, but you are giving yourself the best possible outcome.  That is not to say that you wont have symptoms.    Most people, even people who have a slow taper, have symptoms.    Also, it is possible to experience tolerance withdrawal, but please don't worry about that.   

It sounds like you have a supportive doctor.  That is great news.  Do you have others who are supportive of you?   

We are here to support you through this time.   

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