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Hi @[...], I didn’t but I’ve read a lot of members talk about migraines.  I’ve noticed this process seems to hit us hardest in area’s we’ve had issues with before, do you typically get headaches or migraines or is this new for you?

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oh yes i have, i have suffered from headaches/migranes before though. I used to take excederin (the purple one) and it always used to help me pre taper but now after tapering it makes me nauseous. I now take asprin and i also bought the Theralice cap from amazon. It goes in the freezer and it also can cover your eyes if you pull it down. I believe you can also heat it up for warnth if you prefer. Helps a ton. 

I remember seeing a tiktok about mixing mustard and water in a bowl and putting your feet it in for migraines, never tried it and could have just been a silly video but maybe worth looking into.

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Yes unbelievably bad ones for two weeks straight. Never knew so much pain. Finally fading I hope 

From a few minutes after waking up until I fell asleep. Also hypnic jerks while falling asleep. And and a few anxiety attacks to boot. 

At 11 months off. Klonopin is a bear.

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