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For those of you with nausea and swallowing issues


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Does anyone else have nausea I’m six months out I’m sooo sick everyday all day headaches nausea and issues swallowing 

found out now I have gastroparesis??? 

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@[An...] I had nausea a few months after my last withdrawal which albeit was short lived. Nausea went away around month 2 maybe 2.5

have you tried any natural remedies to soothe the nausea while your body tries to go back into balance?


also magnesium might be helpful for your spasms

im sorry you’re suffering, I know words can’t heal you, but I believe in your healing 



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This is six months and nothing helps it tried ginger and now I just still go thru it none of my symptoms are any better I’m worried 

also it effected my esophagus still feel scared fear 

sad these have done this keep hoping sonething will ease up 

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