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I was on Xanax for 14 years. I’m 32 now. I have been off of it for 8 months. Help me.


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i was on xanax for 14 years. i was tapered with a 3 day program in early january of 2023. i dont know how to be a normal person. i need help. i want to be able to go to the store with my girlfriend. i want to go to the gym. i don't want everyone to think that i'm weird. I hide 24/7. I feel like everyone is judging me. I have an OCD issue where I have to film myself locking doors. I’m not okay. I just want help 

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Good to hear you have been off the xanax since Jan. of 2023. I checked your profile and you have not written a benzo / medical history. Why the rapid 3-day detox instead of a slow taper? Was the xanax being Rx'd for your OCD? Did it help you when you were 1st put on it? What dose did you detox from?

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