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Day 1 of Liquid Taper Begins (9/13) Tomorrow... Need Your Thoughts


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Hello! So I figured my baseline is a mess... sometimes it's .5 mg a day, sometimes .5mg 2x day.

SO- I decided to play it safe as possible I'd start my taper at .45mg in the am and .45mg in the pm, then after a week reduce to .40mg in am and repeat pm. I didn't want to fully begin until I had the liquid clonazepam to be totally accurate of my dosing.

I feel like I could get down to .5 mg rather quickly but need everyone to weigh in because I'd rather be patient than unstable. 

Backstory:  I've been on KP since June 10th. I am keeping it as simple as I can while also stating I have ranged from 2 mg a day to 9 mg a day in the first three weeks then stopped for two weeks and now the last 1.5 months have been from 3 weeks .5mg, 3 weeks .25mg, 2-3 weeks .5-1mg. 

If anyone has any knowledge to give please do, but here is the beginning of my taper FINALLY! 

@[Co...] any thoughts?

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I would focus first on making your daily dose consistent for a few weeks.  This will help stabilize your nervous system and give you a stronger foundation for starting your taper.  

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6 hours ago, [[S...] said:

DO you know much about the cuts accumulating? and how I can avoid it?

I'm not sure what you mean.  Are you asking how to avoid making cuts that are too big?

We generally advise you keep your reductions no more than 5 - 10% of your most recent dose.  You may want to start off closer to 5%.  You would make these cuts every two weeks roughly.  But we find the best approach is to remain flexible so that the size and frequency of your reductions are guided by your symptoms and how functional you're feeling.  If you find withdrawal symptoms are making you less functional you would hold longer between cuts and/or make smaller cuts.  A very effective way to stay attuned to your symptoms is to keep a journal in which you record the dose and rate your symptoms on a scale of 1-10.

Does this help?

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