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Huge physical symptom waveiasr


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Hello everyone, hope you are doing fine. I would like to ask if there is anybody that has been slammed by a massive wave almost only with physical symtoms. I am going to be one year benzo free in a few days and i had a horrific cold turkey and rapid taper behind me and had more than 100 symptoms but i was getting better and better. Month ago i thouhgt i was almost healed i could eat almost everything without any negative reactions i could enjoy cofee again i was hiking every day 5-10 kilometers and overall was happy. Not 100 percent healed still had some issues with motivation and some physical issues but i was very glad that my healing was relatively qucik. But 2 weeks ago i think i had a heat stroke because it was very hot at the place that i am living. From that moment my old symptoms came back full force like crazy headaches muscle twitches muscle aches joint aches burning pins and needles dizziness dysphagia fatigue restlesness tremors vision problems cog fog and i have days where only thing i can do is watching tv in my couch and am totally bedridden other days i can do some things but compared to where i was it is like night and day. Is this normal that after year this can be a wave almost purely physical? Iam also having some depresion  but i think it is a reaction to my physical state because i wasnt prepared for such a strong hit. Or can it be something else ? I dont know what to think i had ups and downs and some waves and windows but overall my helaing process was somewhat linear, but now i feel like total wreck. Thank you for your input.

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