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Kindling: What Is It? This might be what happened to me...


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I am on the third taper in my history of benzo use. 

First WD/ recovery happened after 2 years of daily use (prescribed) then a 4 -6 month taper. had a year or so of sobriety. (1.5 years of inter-dose tolerance withdrawal he**)

Reinstate the KP, use it for 8 months and come off it January 2023...

JUNE 2023: after 4 months in between the last successful recovery I reinstated  June 10th for three weeks at abusive levels from what my prescription warrants and ran out early. 10 days early. 14 days of CT. Reinstated on day 14 to .50 mg. 

TODAY: 2 months and 14 days in feeling mostly stable (it's all relative, right?) and MOST symptoms have subsided minus a dozen. I  had MANY. Probably the fear and terror and tinnitus and muscle weakness and lack of emotion, joy, feelings, are my worst symptoms. 

But what is kindling and does it matter for my healing? How can I be more aware of the effects of kindling to help my body heal?

Thank you to anyone who responds. God bless. 

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Hi @[Sw...]

Welcome here! Can you please add your taper history? It's really difficult to know whether you're 2 months off or 2 months back on. Kindling means that with every reinstatement/cessation there is the potential to have more severe withdrawal symptoms. You can read about it here. 

The way this knowledge helps your body heals is if you're tapering for a third time you might need to taper much slower to allow your brain to adapt to the new dose. Also, to avoid reinstating again because each time might be much worse than the previous time. 

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