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3 years 7 months - still a lot of symptoms. Polyuria.


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Hi all.
I made my jump 3 years and almost 8 months ago. I had a lot of symptoms, including those that I had not even seen on the forum. Tell me, please, is it normal that new symptoms may appear 2 or even 3 years after the last dose of benzo?
I had started severe polyuria a year ago. I go to the toilet very often and I get a lot of fluid. A lot. I checked my kidneys, went through almost all the urologists in my city, but they didn’t find any pathologies in me. The doctor said that I might have an overactive bladder and prescribed medication. I tried them all, but I don't get any effect.
Does anyone else have this symptom after 2-3 years after the last jump?
I also suffer from terrible night sweats. Every morning I drown in my own wet clothes and sheets that have to dry. Is this familiar to anyone?

I am terribly afraid that I have something serious with my brain or that I have diabetes. But my blood glucose is normal.



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I am not familiar with polyuria, but I am 3 years and 6 months off and in the last two months have developed lots of new symptoms; most of them physical.   I have also been sweating a lot during the night which is new for me.

Getting new symptoms is not uncommon in this process.   

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22 hours ago, [[d...] said:

Я не знаком с полиурией, но мне 3 года и 6 месяцев, и за последние два месяца у меня появилось много новых симптомов; большинство из них физические. Я также сильно потел ночью, что для меня ново.

Появление новых симптомов не редкость в этом процессе.

Thank you for your reply. This calmed me down a bit.

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