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Interesting signs of recovery?


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Besides being left with broken sleep and tinnitus after 26 months of recovery since CT from very short-term usage of a benzo, I want to share a few observations:

After the nights that I have better sleep which is defined as less broken, I am tired the next day and usually take a nap.  On my really broken nights of sleep, I feel less tired.  This has been true for me over the last several months.  Perhaps a sign that the brake is more activated (gaba) and the gas pedal (glutamate) is less stuck on the wide open position?

During acute, I lost 15 pounds in just a few short weeks.  For the first 22 months of recovery, I could eat anything and never gain a pound.  Now the pounds are coming back on and once again, I need to watch my calorie intake.

Any one else experiencing this or other signs of recovery other than symptoms disappearing?

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Yes, weight gain was a good sign for me too!  I lost a lot of weight in acute and then my antibiotic set back in 2021.  Spring 2023 I finally started to gain it back, finally.  Unfortunately I'm in a wave again and lost some more, but I agree it's interesting to see the positive effects on my body in other areas other than just not having symptoms.  

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