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Hi BB,

  I've found some things lately that completely take away my symptoms via distraction, and wanted to share them.


I've always been a hugh video game fan, and have found that simulation games help me to focus and sort of "snap out of the fog" My favorites are:


The Sims - any title in this series will do (I'm a big fan of Sims 2 for PC).  These games contain no violence, swearing etc, and are pretty safe for benzo w/d.  I find that controlling multiple sims helps me to re-train my memory and help to keep my mind on task.  I also get so engrossed in my sims lives that I tend to forget my suffering for just a little while.


Another series I really like is the Harvest Moon/Rune Factory series.  These games are basically farm simulations with social simulators built in.  The object is to start a farm and help it to become prosperous, all the while finding a wife, foraging for items and making friends with townspeople.  These are rich Role-playing titles and NOT at all similar to the "farmville" stuff you find on facebook.  I enjoy the methodical nature of these games. I also find that they help me to focus and multi task.  They are violence, bad language and adult content free as well and suitable for all ages.


Both of these titles are especially good during w/d because they are very slow paced and have very little action.  They require no previous experience with video games and no coordination.  Both games are also open ended and "game over" is impossible to obtain.


I hope you'll benefit from this bit of info.  I know that I find much relief from my anxiety by immersing myself in these "other worlds".


Peace and healing to all,


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