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Abdominal cramping


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Abdominal cramping can be a symptom of withdrawal.   How long has this been going on?   Does it wax and wane?   

Also, as far as the muscle relaxant goes, be careful when you introduce different substances to your already sensitive nervous system.   I have seen members have trouble tolerating things they once tolerated, and it may or may not be helpful.    

Would it be possible for you to fill out your taper and withdrawal history under "About Me' in your profile.  This is so helpful when members are trying to offer feedback.


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I think they call this symptom benzos belly but I have the abdominal cramping with some burning.  Anyone else have this and if so any tips on what to to to help relieve  the symptom

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The cramps are in my abdominal muscles. I don't have any abdominal distension.  Just a lot of muscle tension in the abdomen 

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