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I am in Ecuador and I have an English speaking psychiatrist. She is the first doctor ever to fully discuss my symptoms and even had a questionnaire and then she explained what cortisone and clonazepam do to the body. She even mentioned "microtapering" herself. I wish I had found someone decent in Belgium and obviously never ended up on this out of confusion, but I am grateful to have someone now that does want to follow up with me and cares about keeping track of how I am and helping with dilutions. I wish I had never left this country. Private health care systems really do have some advantage to a socialist system where everyone kicks you out without info after 10 min and does not want to do any tests. The psychiatrist and neurologist visits here are not even more expensive.

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I think the one thing that helped me the most during my taper, was having a Doctor that gave me full rein to my scripts and allowed me to take as long as I needed. I never felt any stress to hurry, he was wonderful. I am glad that you have found someone that is willing to listen and understand and ready to help you. I do not know if some of us are just lucky when we have a Doctor like this, but I wish that everyone tapering had the support and knowledge they need from their Doctor. He never asked me how I was going to do it, and he refilled all scripts and was happy for me, as I told him of my progress. The ENT Doctor that put me on the Valium...did not have a clue and had the nerve to call me out in the Office...where everyone could hear, I quit him that day,That same uncouth Doctor, devised a tapering plan that took me to the depths of hell, much too fast. I asked my Primary Doctor to order the Valium, and he has been my rock. Stay Strong.💖 Peace and Healing.

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Thank you! The scripts were not he issue for me, I was in full control before but I am just so relieved to have found a doctor to actually acknowledge and care how I am during this process and does not completely leave me to my own devices. It just feels an extra layer of support there is a professional acknowledging this and not just being like "she is young and healthy and took for less than 2 weeks, she is making this up".

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