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Plugged Ear and Heartbeat

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  Hi BB.  This may be the most upsetting symptom I have had to deal with...and I have had them all.  I got the flu weeks ago and the remaining symptom is a plugged ear.  When I wake up in the morning I can hear and feel my heartbeat in it...it is soooo loud and almost hurts because it THUMPS against my ear drum.  The more I hear it the faster the beat goes...then I panic.  If I put a piece of cotton in it and push it helps a little bit.  Is it because my ear is full and will  go away when my ear unplugs or do I have to go to the doctor?  I am afraid to take a decongestant as I am still tapering...I have tried steam, saline nasal spray and been on one round of antibiotics.  It only does it in the ear that is plugged.  I have heard my heart beat before(in both ears) because I have always had some tinnitus from Meniere's disease but I could block it out with peripheral noise....but it has never THUMPED against my ear drum.  THIS is horrible and so loud...Please help!



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