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Clonazepam taper


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Reading that terrifies me. I am seeing a Doctor Who is about to retire. Has not been up-to-date on. Ongoing education obviously. Very little if any experience in addiction. I’ve been on call as a Pam 10 years or more at least 3 to 6 mg. I’ve been on 6 mg over five years now and he wants me to immediately taper before he retires. That means going from 6 mg to 0 within a month maybe 2.  I’ve tried it before and I was not functional and I can’t describe the feeling. Does anybody have advice on what to do in this situation.? Find another doctor? That would look like Dr. shopping maybe, or go on this website define doctors that help keep bringing more slowly? I don’t know what to do but I cannot continue this way anyone help please please please

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Hi @[wi...]

Welcome to BenzoBuddies!

I have split your opening post from the thread you have replied to, in order to create your own thread. This way both you and the other member will receive the individual support you both require. 

Usually members on high doses can taper a bit faster, but yes, getting off 6mg in two months is really tough.  I have two suggestions 1) you find yourself another doctor. (I have heard nurse practitioners are also good). And 2) I suggest you start tapering so you can lower your dose. I know doctors are hesitant to prescribe at high doses and I struggled to find someone to prescribe at 2mg (this is in Australia however). 

Just know you are not alone and we will help you through this.


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Knowing what I know now from folks that have done a cold-turkey, or a much to fast taper, I would try to find another doctor, or nurse practitioner, or psychiatrist and tell them what you are up against.  If they agree to you tapering off slowly, stick with them, if they don't, look for another doctor.  I live in a teenie town with one other doctor that takes my insurance and they couldn't take on another patient so I am stuck with an MD that doesn't know anything about tapering.  Only one way he knows and that was 25% each month which was way too much for me.

I would even drive the 2 hour drive to the next closest MD if they would work with me, or I would go the 300 some miles to the really big city where I'm sure I could find one.  Then, hopefully, just be able to do telemed visits after that. 

I think about this a lot because the US doctors are doing some weird things like cutting people off all sorts of meds, including Benzos.  Even after the many warnings we see telling us not to stop abruptly.

Please keep in touch, many of us are in the same boat, Denise:smitten::hug:PS If you haven't put in your About Me with some history on your use of a benzo, please do so we can better understand your situation and also help you figure out a taper plan.

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