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Cannot walk more than just in my house


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I had an adverse reaction so for the newbies don’t be afraid please oof you read my story 


I lost the ability to walk the day I started the meds 

first it was with episodes and now after 22 months ( of which 9 months off) I am like back in accute 


I can’t take a single step even in my house it’s terrible to walk.

weak but also a chemical torture in my whole body making me shake

feels like I have no muscles 


its more than just weakness

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Did you cold-turkey off the meds @[Ma...], I'm learning slow-tapers are better as I did a CT years ago off my 1 mg of Clonazepam.  I turned into a zombie let's just say, and I was found wandering in a parking lot, by a friend that helped me get to the doctor.  I'd just not filled my prescription and didn't think anything of it, did not realize what a powerful tablet it was, even just 1mg :(  I was back on my script after the 3 or more days of being a zombie.  I could walk but my mind was shot, definitely healing now, but all the years I've gone with terrible anxiety, depression and some disabling migraines.

I was also taken down too fast by a doctor about 2 years ago, which I had an even worse reaction which caused the whole Left-side of my body to go numb for 3 days.  I thanked God it came back except for part of left arm and hand.

I think a lot of people have learned the hard way not to come off these drugs abruptly, and I feel it's important that we share our experiences with them, and how we came off the drug(s).

I am so sorry to hear of your loss of walking ability, but I am also hearing of healing for many, Denise:smitten::hug:

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Thank you Denise 


it seems never ending, 

I wish so much we all heal eventually. 
some of my benzobuddies are 5 up to 10 years off still suffering makes me scared as hell😫

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I get scared too, but we're not all the same in our circumstances, and health before we tapered, or before we even took benzos,  and "how" we got off the benzos.  I've never seen anyone recommend CTs but people do them a lot, I did, and like others, just didn't know any better because sometimes we aren't told by our doctors, unless we ask.  If there's anything we can do to get the word out to new people wanting to taper, is to do safe gradual tapers.  No one wants to wait a whole year, or more, I sure didn't, but when I realize I took the drug 35 years, it just seems logical I'm can't get off it fast, and expect instant healing.

I may be on here tomorrow with some awful wd sxs, so I know darn well I'm not getting off easily.  I don't know why I can be so fearless at times, but others, I'm here alone in my apartment scared and in tears.  The best medicine I've found is helping others here, and around me, if I can find anyone at all trying to get off drugs, especially benzos.  I'm not getting out at all right now because too much smoke from fires.  I sure thank God for BB, and thanks for your message to me, it really helped me a lot ❤️ Denise :)

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I live in Holland 

I don’t watch any tv/ news. 
I am sorry you are struggling too. 
We have to keep hope but it’s sooo difficult 


for me yes.  I was ct 

I reinstated cause my akathasia was life threatening. 
i had no choice but it made me very sick 


I pray for all of us 



big hug 

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