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Anyone else feel like their WD symptoms are 100% related to sleep?


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    I’ve gone from 1 mg to .625 mg Clonazepam in about 6 weeks after 8 years on that dose.  I can’t say the WD is any better or worse as I’ve cut because it seems to completely be dependent on me getting sleep.  Ive slept 6-7 hours for 3 straight nights and felt pretty damned close to normal.  Got a lot accomplished, hung out with friends, had awesome workouts, etc.  But last week, I slept poorly for 3 days in a row and was dizzy, had headaches, no energy, and had to force myself to do a crappy workout or do much of anything. It’s been like this since I started tapering and doesn’t seem to matter what level I’m at.  

    My questions are

   1.  Anyone else feel like their symptoms are totally dependent on sleep 

   2. I’m pretty happy with my taper rate (which I know may seem fast to some on here) and feel like I should push on even if I’m having great days and not so great days because there’s no correlation to making the cuts at all.  Right now I’m doing 8-10% every 7-10 days or so.  I don’t have much anxiety and no inter dose WD (I’ve only ever taken at night before bed) 

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Sleep is everything. It helps your brain regenerate. Psychiatrist have this name for the brain on less than 7 hrs sleep: "mild cognitive dysfunction".

Yes, my symptoms totally depend on the amount of sleep I get. My brain cannot function after less than 7 hrs sleep. I get impulse control issues, am cranky, rely on caffeinated drinks which don't help. 

If you didn't have enough sleep at night, you can catch up on sleep later in the day. 

Be kind to yourself:hug:


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