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Realizing I might not be in withdrawal, just truly mentally ill


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I feel I'm the same on or not on meds. In my case it's not withdrawal but true psychosis and mental illness. I'm  never allowed to have an opinion, have bodily autonomy, how I treat my lyme isn't the right approach, my job/career choice isn't good enough, financial decisions with my own money arent good enough, my new apartment not good enough, what I eat isn't good, the little simple pleasures that make me ME and happy aren't good enough. 



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Hi Sunflower, not sure how long you've been in recovery but I certainly know those feelings of being emotionally flat. When nothing feels good enough, unable to find anything to make me happy!   I couldn't laugh or cry at one point.   You shouldn't make any important decisions when you are feeling like this, If you can possibly avoid it, I made made some really stupid ones, I just wasn't myself! 

Recovery can take such a long time.. we start to doubt it.   I think you will get better when the time is right. Try and distract from symptoms, try to find something you used to like doing, listen to fav music, drown out the intrusive thoughts that can fleet in and out.    We are all rooting for you, I think one day this will all turn around


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For some it doesn't.  Not only are things not good enough but I'm judged all the time.  I chose to not have kids even if I do recover someone will judge me as a mom,   not only hurt me but that child so I gave that up. I've been through this 4.5 yes now. Nothing is getting better, this is me for life. I could love well into my 90s and this is it.


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