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A limerick about BIND by ChatGPT


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I asked ChatGPT to write a limerick that expresses what benzodiazepine-induced neurological dysfunction (BIND) is like to someone who has never experienced it. FWIW, here's the limerick:


In a world of bewildered distress,

Benzodiazepine's grip can impress.

Neurological strife,

Like a tumultuous life,

Where clarity's lost, a tangled mess.


A mind once so calm, now in haze,

Memories blurred, caught in a maze.

Thoughts jumbled and slow,

Emotions ebb and flow,

A fog obscures life's vibrant rays.


With each step, a battle to fight,

In search of the path that feels right.

Cognitive strains persist,

Anxiety's iron fist,

But hope whispers, "Hold on, embrace light."


To those who've not felt this despair,

Benzodiazepine's grip is unfair.

But empathy we share,

Through words, love, and care,

Supporting your journey, we're there.


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That's pretty fantastic. Even AI knows about the struggles of benzo wd and BIND... but doctors? Clueless.
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